Realtor: Why becoming a loan officer

Easy to Obtain Mortgage License

Obtaining a loan officer license is typically simpler and faster than obtaining a real estate license.

Double Your Earning Potential Legally

By playing dual roles as a real estate agent and loan officer, you can legally earn commissions from both sides of the transaction, significantly increasing your income.

Control Over Transactions

Gain control over the entire home buying process. You can streamline the process, reduce delays, and provide a smoother experience for your clients, enhancing client satisfaction.

Create New Business and New Sources of Income

As a realtor with an existing client base, you are potentially leaving money on the table. Rates will fluctuate, and your clients may seek to refinance. By also being a loan officer, you can capture this additional business.

Become a Better Adviser

Holding knowledge in both real estate and mortgage allows you to offer superior advice and solve any issues that arise more effectively. This dual expertise fosters greater trust from your clients.

Prevent Loan Officers From Stealing Your Clients

A loan officer might refer your clients to their preferred realtors. By being both, you eliminate this risk, keeping your clients within your ecosystem.


Being a loan officer offers the flexibility to work from anywhere—whether you're traveling or at home with your children—allowing you to assist your clients without geographical constraints.


As a loan officer, you can scale your operations and offer mortgages to clients across the country, unlike a realtor, who is generally restricted to their local city or county. This scalability opens up nationwide opportunities.

Why Loan Factory?

As a Realtor, are you interested in obtaining a mortgage license but have concerns regarding

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Is It Legal?

It is legal to earn commissions from both real estate and loans, and there is no conflict of interest. You only need to disclose to your clients that you are serving in dual roles for the transaction.

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Time Constraints?

If you are concerned about not having enough time or prefer to focus more on real estate, this is a valid concern. However, at Loan Factory, we provide technology and support that significantly simplify the loan process, making the role of a loan officer ten times simpler and easier.

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Do I Offer Additional Benefits to My Clients?

Yes. You can offer exceptionally low rates to your clients. Compare our rates with those of other lenders at

Note: Your current loan officer partners may charge your clients higher interest rates. It is your fiduciary duty to prevent this.

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Lack of Mortgage Expertise?

With the right support and technology, you can quickly and easily become an effective loan officer. Try out rate pricing at to see how our technology simplifies quoting rates for your clients. We need to work with the right partners.

TREND: An increasing number of Realtors are transitioning into loan officers.

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