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We commit to always give you independent advice regarding real estate and mortgage options.

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We make less per loan than competitors and pass the extra savings to borrowers.

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Fast, Convenient, Local Service.

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Chau Chau Inc is a private mortgage broker company headquartered in San Jose, California.

Our mission is to provide AMAZINGLY LOW mortgage rates combined with great customer service. We believe that we can accomplish both these goals with the use of technology and the willingness to help our customers.

In order to achieve these goals, we

1. Work with select lenders who have reasonably low rates.

2. Reduce overhead costs, such as advertising, and operate efficiently using superior technology.

3. Provide clients with real-time rate quotes and rate alerts.

4. Improve customer service by automatically updating borrowers' loan status.

5. Build trust by not collecting any funds until the rate is locked. At that time, the only fee collected is the appraisal fee which is refundable in the case of a no cost loan.

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